“Our assistance is just a phone call away!”

Emergency phone (only for emergencies) 24/24 : 6932 900 300
Information, Customer Service : 210 92 11 545

“We must free ourselves from the hope that the sea will always be calm. We must learn to travel with strong winds”
-Aristotelis Onasis


SeaSOS provides its services only on a subscription basis.The subscription is annual, affordable and free of charge.Vessel insurance is a necessary precondition for the registration in seaSOS.


seaSOS covers the following geographical areas

  • Argosaronikos Gulf
  • Western Cyclades
  • South Evoikos Gulf
  • Ionian Islands


Metre €/m
Boats from 4 – 9.99m 20
Boats from 10 – 19.99m 25
Boats from 20 – 29.99m 30
Boats up to 30m Upon agreement
Your partner at sea !

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