Offered Services

SeaSOS offers to its subscribers services of urgent intervention and rescue at sea, such as:
Any kind of technical support
Technical or battery problem
Water inflow
Propeller problem
Run aground
Providing fuel, parts and other supplies

A series of additional services offered by seaSOS stations can make your yachting experience as easy, pleasant, and safe as possible. seaSOS stations can also cover other services- at an extra charge – such as:

Services at an extra charge!
Boat transport (in cases of changing schedule or other reasons): 200euro lump cost and extra expenses for captain’s transportation and accommodation to the place where the boat is located
Boat and passenger insurance
Boat winter storage
Winter supplies storage (eg covers, life jackets, electronics, etc).
Hull cleaning and repair
Boat and upholstery cleaning and polishing
Boat and engine maintenance
Boat haul out and launch
Supply of fuel, parts and provisions at land
Navigation lessons

With these services, engaging with the boat and the sea becomes even easier, happy, safer and more economical.

Coverage areas

Subscribers can call seaSOS, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. seaSOS has already established stations at Lavrio (technical base), Glyfada and Lefkada island. seaSOS has partners in many areas of Greece.

seaSOS covers the following geographical areas :
– Argosaronikos Gulf
– South Evoikos Gulf
– Western Cyclades
– Ionian Islands

This covers almost 50% of the Greek seas and our network of partners is continuously expanding.

Subscription costs

Boats up to 9.99 meters 20 E per meter
Boats from 10 to 19.99 meters 25 E per meter
Boats from 20 to 29.99 meters 30 E per meter
Boats more than 30 meters Upon agreement

VAT at 24% should be added to all prices above.

Subscriber Information

SeaSOS provides its services only on a subscription basis.

The subscription is annual, affordable and free of charge.

Vessel insurance is a necessary precondition for the registration in seaSOS.

In cases of emergency there is no salvage claim.

Our response time to emergency calls depends on the prevailing weather conditions in the event area and on safe navigation rules.

The cost of spare parts, fuel or other supplies is not included in the annual subscription cost.

Discounts are available to professionals and charter companies.

Please contact us for further information.

In order to download the Subscriber’s Contract click here
Please contact us to send you the Application Form on or 210 92 11 545

Your partner at sea !

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